What is Carton Packaging? Carton Packaging Templates

Carton packaging is a top pick for product packaging for plenty of reasons. Its high level of customization for a wide range of box sizes and specifications is one big factor in its widespread popularity.

Curious about how carton packaging came to be so popular and what it’s used for now? Keep reading to get a closer look at this type of packaging, including how it provides impressive structure, branding and stability to your retail packaging.

What is Carton Packaging?

Cartons are packaging boxes that come from folding a single sheet of paperboard. They are die-cut according to a box template. Cartons are mostly used for packaging lighter products. This is because paperboard cartons can only hold a few pounds.

Carton packaging is also commonly referred to as carton boxes, folding cartons, paperboard cartons and paperboard boxes.

History of Carton Packaging

Charles Henry Foyle, an Englishman, invented foldable carton packaging in the late 1800s. This was a major innovation at the time because it allowed for custom boxes to be made out of paper. Although this technology was groundbreaking, it still lacked many of the features we take for granted today.

For example, carton boxes were difficult to produce because they had to be folded into a box shape and the ends needed to be held together tightly. To hold the carton boxes together, tacks and strings were used, which was expensive and labor-intensive. Consequently, carton packaging was usually only used for valuable luxury items like jewelry.

The first snack food company to adopt the use of carton packaging was the National Biscuit Company, better known today as Nabisco. Carton packaging came into the limelight in 1879, when Robert Gair realized that his printing press could cut through the carton material and allow for mass production of carton packaging. Food and snack companies realized that the foldable boxes greatly extended the shelf life of their products.

Carton packaging was a game changer for the food andsnack industry because it allowed for companies to mass produce their products and have a longer shelf life. The National Biscuit Company was the first to adopt this new technology.

Carton Packaging Today

Carton packaging is a widely used and trusted type of packaging for store shelves around the world. When deciding on your product’s box design and presentation, there are many reasons to consider using carton boxes, including:

-The sturdy construction of carton boxes protects your products from damage during shipping and handling.
-Carton boxes are easy to print on, so you can customize your designs to stand out on store shelves.
-Carton boxes are recyclable and therefore eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Consumers today are looking to be more responsible when it comes to the planet. One of the ways they do this is by choosing packaging made from recyclable materials, like Kraft paper. Cartons are a great option because they’re made with more than 75% paper from sustainable sources. This means that choosing carton packaging for your product packaging needs is an eco-friendly choice that will reflect well on your brand and company.

High Shelf Appeal

Good product packaging has what we call “high shelf appeal.” Properly designed carton boxes help solidify your brand in the consumer’s mind as one of quality and consistency. What’s more, they provide ample space to showcase your brand message.

You can tell your story through your product packaging design, highlight the benefits of your product, present a promotion, or even showcase your social responsibility endeavors by using eco-friendly packaging. The choices are endless!

Types of Carton Packaging

There are a few different types of carton packaging, each with benefits that make them more ideal for specific types of goods. For example, people looking for a way to better protect and store food might choose one type of carton, while those needing a way to show off their products might prefer another style. Here are just a few of the many different types of carton packaging that are commonly used in retail packaging.

Strength Packaging

When you need your product to be well-protected against compression, high strength packaging is the way to go. It offers solid, reliable structural design that will keep your product safe. But don’t let its rigidity fool you – this type of packaging is still fully customizable and printable, so you can unleash your creativity without worry.

Foldable Boxes

There are many benefits to choosing foldable cartons for your packaging needs. They are flexible, which means that you can fold them by hand for smaller batches, or run them through high speed automation for larger numbers. In addition, they can be completely customized to fit your promotional needs.


Multipacks are an excellent way to grouping items together while protecting each individual item and the entire lot. Multipacks are often used for food items such as canned goods, cereal, and yogurt but can be used for other types of products as well.

Hybrid Packaging

Hybrid packaging is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to different types of carton packaging. By blending the features of different types of cartons, you can create a package that is both strong and lightweight, making it perfect for a variety of applications.

Looking for more information on different types of carton packaging? Be sure to check out our ultimate guide to carton boxes for a more in-depth look into folding cartons.

Advantages Using Carton Packaging

Carton packaging is an essential tool for product development and marketing teams. By their very nature, cartons protect and preserve the contents within, which can often result in a higher perceived value of the product.

While we don’t see them as often as we used to, carton packages remain popular today. Some key adjustments have been made, such as using eco-friendly materials, that have helped keep them relevant.

Carton packaging can be designed into any shape you want, so you’re not limited to a boring old box. This makes it a great way to add a unique flair or creativity to your product to set it apart from all of the other boxes out there. Taking advantage of the large printable area on carton boxes is a smart idea that is commonly used in cosmetic packaging design, and is a great way to showcase the benefits of your product.

Folding Carton Design Elements

Folding cartons provide an excellent ROI due to their cost efficiency, which allows you to splurge on design elements that elevate your brand identity. Printing capabilities for this packaging material are highly versatile and allow for endless design possibilities.

Carton Packaging Templates

Mailer Box Packaging
Mailer Box Packaging
Gift Box Packaging
Gift Box Packaging
Folding Box Packaging
Folding Box Packaging

Check here about more Carton Packaging Templates

There are many different types of carton packaging templates available on the market. Some are designed for specific types of products, while others are more generic. When choosing a template, it is important to consider the specific needs of your product and your packaging process.

Some factors to consider include the size and shape of your product, the type of material you will be using, and the printing process you will be using. If you are unsure about which template to use, you can always consult with a packaging specialist.

Build Your Brand with Carton Packaging

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