Value-engineered Packaging: Reducing Prices and Boosting Efficiency

All businesses that market physical goods require packaging.

Packaging is an unavoidable cost of doing business, whether it be for old posters, truck engines, cellphones, or undergarments.

When creating and releasing a new product, brands—new, old, huge, and small—often leave packaging until the very last minute.

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Stakeholders frequently become so engrossed in the “sexiness” of building the brand or the product that packaging takes a backseat.

When this occurs, the most popular approach is to use a standard, off-the-shelf type of box. And although there’s nothing wrong with that, when you strive to expand and develop your firm, a process that is typically accompanied by cutting costs, this box starts to cost you money.

A conventional cardboard postal box isn’t always the ideal option when it comes to packing design.

It’s overly protective, hefty, half-empty, and takes up more room on your warehouse shelves than it needs to for the majority of items.

Packaging that has been value-engineered holds the key to solving this issue.

Value-engineered packaging: What is it?

Value-engineered packaging starts from scratch, applying engineering principles to create the optimal package option.

From the very beginning of the process, the design and mass manufacturing of the packaging are influenced by costs, security, performance, and sustainability.

The end result is packaging that is customized for your product(s), reduces costs, maximizes space and weight efficiency, and improves fulfilment process effectiveness.

Value-engineered Packaging: Reducing Prices and Boosting Efficiency

You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

A single packaging solution for several items may be produced using value designed packaging.

Standardization is the procedure that minimizes your ongoing packaging costs and enables you to take advantage of economies of scale.

Here are a few ideas to think about if you’re thinking about value-engineered packaging.

Your packing engineer

Value-engineered Packaging: Reducing Prices and Boosting Efficiency

You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

An individual who “does” the design and prototype of your custom packaging is a packaging engineer.

Good packaging engineers have design and technical backgrounds.

Outstanding packaging engineers have knowledge of:

  • Graphic design and branding for physics
  • Logistics in the supply chain and material technology
  • Infrastructure for logistics business operations
  • Marketing

In other words, in addition to years of expertise in the position, a wide variety of soft skills are something to look for when working with a packaging engineer.

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Artur Obolenski, an engineer with considerable experience developing packaging from the ground up for innumerable products in a wide range of situations, serves as Packhelp’s principal packaging engineer.

Avoid creating a new wheel

Many firms aim to value-engineer their packaging for sustainability reasons.

We hear about furniture that comes in mushroom-based packaging, seaweed as the most environmentally friendly material for packaging, and postal bags that decompose into nothing all too frequently.

These are excellent answers, and they represent the way forward. But not every brand will find them to be an effective answer.

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Modern packaging materials are often far more costly, and the raw components are difficult to get.

A straightforward cardboard box created to replace the requirement for bubble wrap is more environmentally friendly than any of the aforementioned methods.

Or a mailer box that complies with Royal Mail requirements

Or a straightforward paper-padded envelope.

a large paper padded envelope with distinctive black printing

Utilizing less resources is frequently the wisest and most efficient course of action if sustainability is your top objective.

Utilizing what is already there more efficiently while using less is a common subject in value-engineered packaging.

Packaging is more than simply a “box.”

If your objective is to build the best box type, you will succeed in doing so.

However, a box may not always be the ideal form of packing.

Boxes can be rectangular or square.

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However, not everything is square or rectangular, therefore inside those boxes, there is frequently a lot of unused space.

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Sure, you could cover in the empty area with something like tissue paper, but that would mean spending more money on another item.

Furthermore, a corrugated cardboard box’s triple layer of protection is sometimes excessive.

As they are produced in such large quantities, mailing boxes are the preferred packaging option for many firms in the world of e-commerce because of their adaptability and low cost.

But in actuality, a mailing box might not be your greatest option.

If so, a packaging engineer may design a corrugated mailer box that is customized for your product, eliminating the need for additional packing materials to cover voids.

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An envelope, mailing bag, or cardboard tube can be a preferable choice if a mailing box is not the ideal option for you.

It’s not about thinking beyond the box when completely rethinking your packaging. It’s all about completely forgetting that there is a box.

Lower prices

Packaging that has been value designed costs less per unit. You’ll not only buy less packaging items if your package design can accommodate many SKUs, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of volume savings for that packaging.

Lower prices

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Additionally, your final packaging design will be lighter and smaller when it is delivered to you and the consumer.

These reduced expenses are expenses that you may either keep for yourself to boost profitability or provide to your customers to cut the price of your items.

A single product with packaging for many SKUs
The “joys” of managing additional SKUs are well known among inventory managers. The procedure only becomes more difficult when packaging and product SKUs are combined.

Lower the cost of packing

A single packing solution that works for more of your items reduces the possibility of fulfillment mistakes.

Packaging for many goods that have the same size and form can be combined using value-engineered packaging.

The end result of this procedure is that you may purchase more quantities of the same packaging goods, taking advantage of economies of scale and putting more money in your pocket.

Better fulfillment of orders

Better fulfillment of orders

You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

Your warehousing and fulfillment process will benefit from value designed packaging as well.

A packaging engineer may develop packaging that functions within the parameters of what you do, whether those operations include humans or automation.

A worker in a production plant for supply chain packaging.

For instance, if individuals construct your package, it may be made to require the fewest number of steps during assembly. If it is put together with the aid of machines, it may be made to enhance the operation.

When you need to build 1000 boxes, shaving 3 seconds off the time it takes, whether by a human or a machine, might add up.


Any brand manager would find it appealing to reduce expenditures on necessary expenses.

Value-engineered packaging may cut both your one-time and continuing expenditures, which is exactly what it should accomplish.

Additionally, it’s a terrific opportunity to take action to lessen your carbon impact in methods that are both effective and affordable.

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