Laws, Requirements, and Information Regarding EU Perfume Packaging

Are you currently working on the packaging for your cologne or perfume?

There are also a few crucial design components that must be included on your box.

Packaging information for perfume

Laws, Requirements, and Information Regarding EU Perfume Packaging

Any product that is applied to the skin must comply with EU requirements for health and safety, and the package it arrives in must be labeled suitably.

It’s a requirement in terms of the law, but it also presents a branding opportunity.

Mailer boxes of various colors containing cosmetics

Let’s look at the details that must be printed on your perfume’s container.

items produced in the EU

The name, registered business name, and address of the firm must be printed on products created in the EU.

Quantity or weight

The exterior of the product must be printed with the nominal content at the time of packing.

This can be expressed in terms of volume or weight.

Date of use

The “best before” sign used by the EU is shown below.

Along with the date, this symbol or the phrase “best used before the end of” must appear on the box.

Continuity after opening

The following symbol must appear on cosmetics that don’t have a best before date.

The sign must be printed within the number of months that the product is safe to use.

proper usage

The package must provide information regarding how the product cannot be used.

For instance, avoid getting the product in your eyes, and learn how to handle the situation if it occurs.

serial number

a batch number or other identifier that may be used to track the manufacture of a batch of anything.


The product package must provide an ingredient list. The term “ingredients” must be used at the top of this list.

At the moment of purchase, the consumer must be able to see the ingredient list. As a result, it ought to be attached to the box or additional packing.

What type of packaging is it: primary or secondary?

Laws, Requirements, and Information Regarding EU Perfume Packaging

It’s essential to remember that various packing options will call for various pieces of information.

For instance, the label on the glass bottle must have information that is comparable to yet somewhat different from that on the box the bottle is put in.

According to EU legislation, there are two types of cosmetic packaging:

The packaging (also referred to as secondary packaging), which is often in the shape of a thin, paper box suitable for retail shop shelves, is the packaging that comes into touch with the perfume or cosmetic product itself.
The primary and secondary packaging must both have the aforementioned information in print.

The list of components is the lone exception to this rule. Only the package may print the ingredient list.

letters and fonts

A significant component of packaging design is the use of fonts and typography.

Cosmetic packaging regulations say that the lettering must be permanent, clear, and distinguishable from the packaging’s backdrop.

As long as the person and address can be quickly and accurately identified, names and addresses may be shortened.

The package’s volume determines the font’s smallest size.

Laws, Requirements, and Information Regarding EU Perfume Packaging


The EU member state in which the company is registered determines the language of the information written on your perfume or cologne’s primary and secondary packaging.

Design and information about perfume packaging

Laws, Requirements, and Information Regarding EU Perfume Packaging

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