How to Make Mockups with Pacdora

Pacdora is a free online packaging design tool that allows users to customize their packaging by their own image and logo and text with a 3D preview. A real-life Canva + Figma tool. You can design anything from a simple box to a multi-tiered display. Pacdora gives you the ability to change the dimensions, colors, and materials of your packaging, as well as add your own branding elements. And best of all, you can see a 3D preview of your design before you order. So whether you’re a small business owner looking for unique packaging for your products, or a graphic designer wanting to experiment with 3D packaging design, Pacdora is the perfect tool for you.

Here are 6 simple steps on how to make mockups with Pacdora.

1. Select Your Ideal Mockup Template

Pacdora Mockup templates

Find your packaging mockup by users or models. Or you can simply search for your packaging keywords like “coffee can” “candy jar” or “chocolate bar”

2. Start to Design Online

Pacdora Mockup templates

Here comes the best part.

You can design your packaging under the Dieline Mode by uploading your images, logo, and text.

No idea where to start?

Get into the elements part and add them one by one, just for play or design inspirations.

Most importantly, you can define the size of the mockup you choose.

Pacdora Mockup templates

You can also change the background color if you want to.

And then preview them under mockup mode, see if you are satisfied with the design.

Pacdora Mockup templates

3. Download & Export

We have different formats for you to choose from, AI; DXF; PDF or PNG and JPEG, even video format.

You can either further edit your design on AI or send it to factory for production. Our team can work with you to ensure that your design is perfect for your needs.

Pacdora Mockup templates

Bonus Tip: 3D Packaging Render

You can also render the product in our 3D packaging render editor

Our packaging render editor allows you to see your product in 3D, so you can get a better sense of how it will look when it’s packaged. This is a great way to make sure that your product looks its best before it goes to market.

Our 3D rendering is made for designers to showcase their packaging design. This allows potential customers to see how the packaging will look before it is made. It also allows designers to try out different designs and colors.

Pacdora rendering

Now it’s time for you to test it out on your own!

You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

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