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How to Design Your Own Logos, Great Packaging Logos, and More

How to Design Your Own Logos, Great Packaging Logos, and More

I’ll show you how to design a logo that looks excellent on your packaging in this article.

Let’s begin by discussing what branding entails and the function of a logo.

We’ll look at several excellent packaging logo samples before I demonstrate how to create a contemporary logo utilizing a packaging logo maker.

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Describe branding

What your customers think of you is your brand.

A marketing approach that enables people to distinguish you from your rivals is what lies behind effective branding.

Your brand name, a visual identity (logo, colors, typefaces), message, and marketing materials like social media photos and packaging are all included in the plan.

Three Primary Types of Logos

There are three primary forms of logos used in contemporary branding: logo symbols, wordmarks (also known as text logos), and combination marks (a symbol and a wordmark combined).

Wordmarks are type-based logos, thus the business name is written in a particular font.

Google, Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, or Glossier are a few well-known examples.

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Logo symbols or wordmarks?

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Particularly D2C brands frequently employ simple wordmarks. For instance, 78.7% of the top cosmetics businesses solely utilize wordmarks as their logos.

Wordmarks typically seem more contemporary and less corporate than logo symbols, which might make them simpler to recall.

It’s crucial to choose a typeface with character to give a type logo individuality; just make sure it matches the tone of your company.

Customizing one or more letters is another approach to give a phrase personality and memorable appeal.

Logos for Your Packaging That Look Great

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One area where you may truly go beyond the box with your visual branding is packaging!

After making a purchase, your buyer will touch your goods for the very first time, thus you want to make sure they fall in love with your brand right away.

Example 1: The letter “o” in Vitamom’s wordmark is actually a heart.

As a result, the brand has a more “blissful” and less “corporate” feel—two characteristics Kiki, the founder, is extremely enthusiastic about.

Example 2: The Lolacruz shoe firm also has a wordmark logo.

The type is set in a straightforward sans serif that is thick and has quite close letter spacing.

That gives the logo a “clean” and “strong” appearance, two qualities that founder Maria wished to emphasize.

Example 3: Feeling Felt uses felt to make things like laptop sleeves.

They only utilize materials manufactured from recycled plastic.

Their emblem also conveys this primary promise; the letter “F” appears to blossom into something new.

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How to Create Your Own Packaging Logo

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Let’s start by giving our brand a name; we’ll call her “Mona.”

And some strategic thought will be necessary before we can get started on logo design.

While there are many templates for brand exercises, a quick way to develop a brand strategy is to list three words that best describe your company’s character.

Let’s use the terms “calm,” “quirky,” and “magical” to describe them.

The following step is to enter our company’s name into a graphic design program or a logo-creation software.

Choose the adjective for which the font style should be in place.

Then, determine which font—sans-serif, rounded, or serif—best conveys the adjective.

I would want a typeface that says “calm” in our example.

I’ll choose a distinctive and memorable initial letter to express “quirky” (and can serve as a logo symbol at the same time).

Last but not least, I’ll choose purple, a color that denotes our third description, “magical,” as Mona’s primary color.

Now that the logo is available for download.

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The package creator from Packhelp makes it really simple to put everything together quickly.

To make a pattern for a straightforward yet interesting design, simply rotate your logo and replicate it.

While the majority of your attention should be placed on your brand when designing your package, playing with patterns, picking a background color, and trying different logo placements may significantly change how your packaging is perceived.

Before creating a logo, identify three phrases that you want your customers to associate with you to start constructing your brand.

Make sure to distribute the three adjectives—the typeface and color of your logo—equally across your visual identity.

If you’re creating a wordmark, give it personality by choosing an eye-catching initial letter that might also serve as your brand avatar.

Play around with your logo in the Pacdora package designer to your heart’s content.

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