Guidelines For Packaging A New Product

If done too late, creating the packaging for a new product might be difficult.

In general, packaging has to protect your goods and be useful, but it also needs to be attractive.

It also helps if the cost of disseminating this packing option is reasonable.

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These functions cannot be compromised, whether the product is jewelry, clothing, board games, or supplement packaging.

You can design and find packaging for your new product with the aid of this brief tutorial, and you’ll walk away with the abilities and information needed to repeat and improve this process in the future.

Let’s start now.

necessary details
As you begin the design process, determine the following:

The Product

Once you have a succinct response to that question, build your product’s 15-second elevator pitch (if you haven’t previously).

Guidelines For Packaging A New Product

How would you present your concept to a potential investor if you just had a few seconds with them in an elevator?

This succinct sales presentation will outline the key aspects of your product that need to be highlighted on the packaging.

The Client

You must identify the target market for your new product in order to create the best packaging feasible.

  • What issues do they have?
  • What issues does your product address?
  • Why is your product superior to that of your rivals?

To create a design that will appeal to clients both before and after a purchase, it is crucial to know the answers to these three straightforward questions.

The packaging requirements for products sold in retail stores differ from those of direct-to-consumer businesses, which themselves differ from those that offer subscription boxes.

Your packaging option will be determined by the kind of conventional retail business or online approach you choose.

The Packaging Solution

Packaging is so much more than just a box.

At this step, you should choose the packaging product as well as the sorts of packaging you’ll utilize.

cardboard corrugated

cardboard corrugated

For mail boxes, corrugated cardboard is the material of choice. They may be used for all three forms of packing and are the standard sort of “box.”

To make your package stand out, corrugated cardboard is available with a wide range of finishing choices and may be embellished with an almost infinite number of finishing touches.

Due of its weight and toughness, corrugated cardboard is a great option for e-commerce firms.

Voids can be filled with void filler or completely eliminated with specialized package inserts.


Mailing bags are far lighter than corrugated packing and are waterproof, dustproof, and tearproof. They can be produced using polyethene derived from petroleum or maize starch, the latter of which is completely biodegradable.


Clothing and other flexible, long-lasting items can be packaged in mailing bags.

Additionally, they safeguard additional primary or secondary packing that contributes to the unboxing experience and that you don’t want to be harmed during transportation.



The term “envelopes” covers a wider range of items than you may initially imagine. Padded or extensible envelopes may hold much more than just a letter.

They are perfect for accessories like jewelry and small electronics.

They’re among the easiest packing alternatives to use and one of the most environmentally friendly because they’re often composed completely of paper pulp.

Paper base

Although it is thinner than corrugated cardboard, paper stock is thicker than paper.

It is frequently observed as supplemental packaging for cosmetics and other retail goods displayed on store shelves.

Rigid board

Rigid board

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A thicker form of material called rigiddboard is created from tightly compressed paper pulp.

It frequently appears in high-end packaging and gift boxes since it is sturdy and hefty and frequently has exquisite extras like hot stamping, embossing, and other finishing.

It’s thick and hefty, but it’s not only appropriate for shipping.

Label Book

Your company has put a lot of time and effort into developing its aesthetic appeal. Your brand’s logos, color schemes, typefaces, and other identifiers assist create your identity.

And the perfect blank canvas to create that identity is your packaging.

Have your brand book and visual identity ready before beginning the package design process.

Information for the design

Depending on the product, you could be required by law to put some information on your box.

For instance, the information that must be provided on perfume packaging must meet certain specifications.

At this time, you should also prepare and have ready your logo, typography, drawings, and other visual elements.


Now that you have everything you require, it is time to begin the creative process.

Where are you going to design your packaging?

Online editor

An online editor can make it easier to create packaging for a new product if you are new to package design.

You can accomplish that with the Pacdora Editor.

Simply drag and drop your logo and any other pictures you want to use on your design onto a 3D rendering of your package.

You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

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