Custom Advent Calendar Boxes with Examples

Advent calendar boxes are a type of calendar that is used to count down the days until Christmas. Each day, a small box is opened to reveal a Christmas-themed activity or treat. Advent calendar boxes can be purchased commercially, or they can be made at home.

Advent calendar boxes are a fun way to countdown to Christmas. They can be filled with all sorts of fun activities and treats, making each day leading up to Christmas a special one. If you’re looking for a unique and festive way to celebrate the holiday season, an Advent calendar box is a great option.

How do you make an Advent calendar box?

Today we’re going to show you how to design Advent Calendar Boxes online by using a free online tool called Pacdora. Of course, you can print them out yourself later on. Advent calendars are a great way to countdown to Christmas, and with Pacdora, they’re easy to design and print. Just follow the steps below and you’ll have your own Advent calendar in no time.

First, go to the Pacdora website and create an account. Then, find the box model 151070

Then click design online and start to build your own advent calendar box.

Choose dieline mode and then click edit the Dimensions

Custom Advent Calendar Boxes with Examples

You can always change the size to what you want. If you want to print them out, choose the manufacture size. If you want to know about the difference between inner size, outer size, and manufacture size, please read our guide here:

Then upload the image that you wish to appear on the surface of the box. And based on your image, adjust the length of the box.

Note: you can drag the image to adjust its size and its position on the box. But when you are adjusting the box, if the image is on the box, the change will also apply to the image.

 Advent Calendar Box with Pacdora
Advent Calendar Box

You can also add the text or images based on your needs.

Pacdora will generate a PDF of your calendar, which you can then print out at home. That’s all there is to it! With Pacdora, designing and printing your own Advent calendar is quick and easy.

Frequent Questions about Advent calendar

How many boxes are in an Advent calendar?

Advent calendars typically have 24 boxes, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas. Each box usually contains a small toy or treat, and sometimes a piece of paper with a Christmas-themed activity or game. Some Advent calendars are electronic, with a small LED light or sound for each day.

You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

What do you put in an Advent box calendar?

So, what do you put in an Advent box calendar? Well, it depends on who you are making it for! If it is for a child, you might fill it with small toys, chocolates, or even coins. For adults, you could put in things like beauty products, wine, or festive cookies. really, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can put in an Advent calendar – just make sure it is something the recipient will enjoy!

You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

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