8 Best Tube Packaging in 2022

While tube packaging has been an option for a significant amount of time, the cylindrical shape isn’t the best when it comes to shipping. With many e-commerce brands trying to optimize their shipping expenses, long tubes are no longer the top choice.

These days, does it mean that all tube packaging is now unnecessary? With the rise of e-commerce, there are new requirements and new ways to use this type of packaging. For example, paper and cardboard tubes can be used for subscription boxes that sell coffee or tea. Also, artists who sell their artwork online can find them useful.

If you are looking for tube packaging design inspiration, then stick here and check out our best-reviewed tube packaging in 2022

1. Milk Makeup Tube packaging

Milk needed a package that would show off the product, but also needed a bottom that would hold the product in place. So, they designed a custom plug that fit snugly into the tube, but also had a molded base to keep the product in place.

2. Enviroscent Infused Scentsticks

Enviroscent needed an innovative package that would accurately reflect the unique characteristics of its infused scent sticks. After conducting some market research, they decided on a design that would be eye-catching and memorable.

3. Pennington Smart Feed

Pennington’s new sprayer system is making it easier than ever to add fertilizer to your garden without any of the hassle. With this new design, you can quickly and easily add fertilizer to your garden so that you can get back to enjoying the fruits of your labor.

4. Plus Plus Toy Tube Packaging

Tube packaging is undeniably more visually appealing than a pouch/bag or box. The tube is also a more durable and reusable storage container, meaning that product branding can remain present even after the initial opening. This added value makes tubes the ideal choice for many businesses.

5. Popcorn Packaging Tubes

Looking for a food-safe, air-tight container for your gourmet popcorn? Look no further than the PETG or propionate tubing – both FDA approved materials for direct food contact. Clear bottom inserts permanently seal one end of the tube, making it perfect for fresh popcorn.

6. Yousli

Yousli is an Australian brand that offers natural muesli delivered to your doorstep only days after making. Yousli’s packaging perfectly corresponds with a natural production process of the cereals. A rustic vibe is complemented by the bold, attention-grabbing branding.

7. Musee Bath Bombs

Musee Bath Bombs

There are a lot of different types of beauty products out there, and each one comes with its own unique packaging design. One company that does a great job with packaging design is Musee Bath Bombs. They have a variety of different bath bombs, each one represented by a different colour paper can. This makes it easy to find the right product for your needs, and the colourful packaging is eye-catching and stylish.

8. Colgate Packaging

When it comes to dental product packaging, design isn’t always a top priority. Often, products come in white boxes that reflect the ideal colour of teeth. Colgate, for example, made a slight change by using red and white together. This shows how a good design can make even something mundane like toothpaste more interesting to look at. By investing in better packaging design, companies can make their products stand out on store shelves and attract more customers.

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