6 Brand Packaging Ideas in 2023

With the recent popularity of subscription boxes and e-commerce, the importance of modern packaging design has become increasingly important for businesses to invest in – especially when it comes to branding. Your packaging set now needs to be able to communicate well, convey messages effectively, and astonish customers. In other words, box designs have to be turned into art now more than ever before.

Why does brand Packaging Matter?

Brand Packaging offers extensive knowledge on how to create successful branding through strategic package design. By having design and packaging work together, brands are able to be elevated from a commodity to an expression of the consumer’s lifestyle. Brand Packaging gives brand owners, designers, suppliers and marketers accurate information on innovation and design. This is done by covering topics, trends and news that are related to consumer packaged goods.

As a brand, it’s important to understand the factors that can influence consumer buying behavior. A recent survey found that 72% of American consumers said that a product’s packaging design would affect their decision to make a purchase. That’s a pretty significant number, so it’s definitely something to take into consideration when designing your packaging.

As we move into the future, it’s important to consider how consumer habits will change. In 2023, does brand packaging matter?

There are a few factors to consider when answering this question. First, we must think about the types of products that will be popular in 2023. If products are moving towards being more sustainable and environmentally friendly, then packaging that reflects these values will be important to consumers. We all know that being sustainable and environmentally friendly is the norm every year and this is nothing new. What is new, however, is the way that businesses and individuals are expected to meet these standards. In the past, sustainability was often seen as an added bonus or something that was nice to have, but not essential. Now, however, it is seen as a key part of doing business and is something that is expected by consumers, employees, and shareholders alike.

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We must also consider how easy it will be to recycle or reuse packaging in 2023. If packaging is difficult to recycle, consumers may be less likely to purchase products that come in that packaging.

Finally, we must think about the role of technology in 2023. Technology will continue to play a big role in our lives and the way we consume products. For example, if more people are using online grocery delivery services, then packaging that is designed for easy delivery will be important.

Here we have done an in-depth analysis of 5 top brand packaging and hope this would inspire your brand in 2023. We looked at the materials used, the design, the colors, and the overall aesthetic of each brand. We then compared and contrasted the different packaging to see what worked well and what could be improved. We believe that by studying the top brands, you can learn a lot about what makes good packaging and apply it to your own brand.

Apple – The Pioneer in Packaging

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Apple is the one that has changed the rules of how we do business. The packaging sector has been impacted by the magnitude of this enormous influence.

The appeal of Apple’s packaging is its simplicity. With sharp edges and remarkable grace, white dominates. Although it may seem unremarkable, that is its beauty and pure genius.

One may also argue that Apple is to blame for the phenomenon of unpacking. The iPhone X unboxing video received close to 10 million views, whether it’s accurate or not. It’s a fairly good outcome.

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Allbirds – brand packaging reknowned for sustainability

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Allbirds walks the talk when it comes to sustainability – you can see it in the way they package their shoes. It’s simple and minimalistic, which perfectly reflects their sincere brand personality.

Acne Studios – Minimalism & Exposure

Acne Studios - Minimalism & Exposure

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Acne Studio has created elegant simplicity in their product packaging. The logo’s clear typography and calming salmon hue are a good match.

The design also features a clever implementation of the product’s presentation. The box is disposable other than the tiny window on one of the walls. This easy strategy boosts product awareness significantly.

Happy Socks: Colorful And Stylish

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Right now, colorful, unique socks are popular.

The package was designed with ingenuity by Happy Socks. Their vibrant patterns are frequently influenced by the specific series of socks.

Happy Socks changes up its packaging as well. Some of the boxes have an attractive paper construction and an imprint. They are made to fit a pair of socks flawlessly.

Larger quantities of pairs are delivered in a box with a clear window.

Because of the company’s clever packaging, it can also serve as a storage option.

Le Parcel – Pastel Design

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It’s safe to say that Le Parcel was not your typical monthly delivery service. It’s a box of feminine hygiene goods like tampons and pads sent to you every month.

A delicate product like this needed delicate and elegant packaging.

Seven Fifty Five crafted the UI for this. The delicate salmon and pink hues permeated the Le Parcel wrapping. There was also a wide range of sizes and types of packaging employed, from branded polymailers to plain old cardboard boxes.

Girlfriend Collective: Inspiring Use of Eco-Friendly Materials in Design.

The brand Girlfriend Collective makes fashionable apparel for ladies. The company’s commitment to sustainability and its goal of making clothing from only recycled materials set it apart.

Girlfriend Collective collaborated with CRP, an advertising firm, to create packaging that satisfies the same standard. A cardboard box and a fabric pouch made up the entirety of the package, with even the thread used for stitching being made from recycled materials.

The end result is apparel packaging that is minimal in form yet powerful in its statement.

Girlfriend Collective: Inspiring Use of Eco-Friendly Materials in Design.

How to Brand your Packaging

Begin your tale as soon as possible.

Get your brand’s backstory in order before you invest too heavily in items. Remember that a company lacks identity and character if its past, present, and future are not well articulated.

To hone the message you hope to send to the world, consider the following questions:

  • Where do you and your business get its motivation?
  • Just what is it about your company and its wares that makes them special?
  • Where do you see the company in a few years?
  • Exactly what better ways can your merchandise make your customers’ lives?

When you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to better focus your brand story, which in turn can guide your decisions during product conception and packaging.

Create a character for your product.

Don’t view packaging design as only a means of transporting your product. Consider your product a person in order to better convey your message, story, or brand identity. You are, in effect, developing a “persona” for your product, just as you would for a target audience in advertising. Here’s where a company’s unique character comes into play.

By personifying your product, you can more easily create packaging that conveys the brand’s values and appeals to consumers. Buyers will recognize this genuine quality and be drawn to the product even before they know what it is. They will recognize that it was made specifically for them.

Customer interest is piqued by vibrant hues.

There can be no art on a canvas unless color is added. If your goods doesn’t immediately grab the attention of the consumer, they won’t give it a second glance.

Take some time to consider the emotions you want your product to evoke in its consumers. Like a unique craft brew, it should make them want to let loose and have some fun. Like a health care product, it should make people feel like they are receiving individualized attention. Create a list of the emotions you want buyers to experience after purchasing your goods, then think of ways to convey those sensations in the packaging.

Associating colors with emotions might be simple: cool blues, sunny yellows, fiery reds. Depending on their preferences, a buyer might be attracted to a particular hue. One more way that color can help you communicate your brand’s personality is through logos and other visual elements.

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