11 Innovative Packaging Design Ideas

When you think about your most recent purchase, why did you go with that specific brand? Was it an impulse buy, or something you genuinely needed?

Odds are, the packaging design played a role in your decision. Even if it’s the same product as what’s in the discount bin, you’re more likely to buy it if it looks sleek and expensive.

Your product’s packaging is important for more than just being eye-catching on store shelves. It’s a form of branding that can communicate messages and create certain emotions in consumers. If you’re having trouble making your packaging stand out, take some inspiration from these creative examples. With a little effort, you can learn how to make your packaging design appealing to the masses.

Customers are often drawn to creative packaging, whether it be because of the colors, the details, or the overall design. Here’s why good packaging design matters and some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

The Importance of Packaging Design

Packaging Boosts sales

As online sales continue to grow, the importance of packaging becomes more and more apparent. In fact, 40% of customers say they would only purchase a product if it came in attractive, premium packaging.

Not only does the packaging need to be functional, but it also needs to be creative in order to sell products. Good packaging can turn potential customers into buyers, and one-time adopters into regular customers. It helps to fill in the gap left by the lack of a physical shopping experience and keeps customers connected to brands.

Packaging brands Customers’ mind

Your customers’ experience with your product starts before they even open it- it starts with the packaging. Good packaging design creates a strong first impression that can make customers want to buy your product again and again. In fact, many customers consider the unwrapping experience to be just as important as the product itself. So if you want to create a lasting impression, make sure your product’s packaging is unforgettable.

Your packaging is an effective way to showcase your brand.Keeping your design cohesive across logo, packaging and website (among others) is a sure-fire way to make your customer recognize your brand, values and purpose. Creative packaging design will help your product be recognized well beyond your location, and win over new customers you couldn’t otherwise reach physically.

Apply Patterns

Apply Patterns

If you’re looking to add a little extra something to your packaging, patterns are a great way to do it. This tool packaging is a perfect example of how a simple design can be taken up a notch with the right details. The dots on the background add interest, and the color scheme gives it a quality, all-American feel. And of course, the tools speak for themselves!

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Leave Some Space

Leave Some Space

Use every inch of space when creating a package. This box uses a pretty floral pattern on the interior. The pattern makes the box feel more upscale, which makes the product inside seem more upscale.

Take a hint

Take a hint

Hinting at what your product looks like is always a great idea as it can help sway your customer’s buying decision. Clear paneling and cut-out details in packaging serve as both functional and creative elements, as these designs give a sneak peek of what’s inside.

Consider Minimalism and Simplicity

In this instance, less really is more. The bright colors and natural materials used for the packaging convey a message of emphasizing words. The squre illustration gives the design a touch of whimsy, while the brightly colored labels add a bit of contemporary flair.

Be Bright and organic

Be Bright and organic

Organic silhouettes have been popular for a while, but this season they’re getting an update with softer, curved edges. Think blobs, waves and circular shapes. And when it comes to coloring, anything goes – even outside the lines.

Consider Functionality

Consider Functionality

Multitasking might seem like something that only humans can do, but some truly innovative packaging designs have taken this approach and delighted customers with clever designs that not only protect the contents but also help them interact better with the product, or serve a second purpose. This kind of creativity can be seen in products like shampoo bottles that can be used as measuring cups, or toothpaste tubes that can be squeezed from the bottom as well as the top. By thinking outside the box, packaging designers are coming up with new ways to make our lives easier – and oftentimes, more fun.

Fit in the product

Fit in the product

The product’s design should be an accurate reflection of what’s inside. In the case of this packaging, it looks clean and natural, just like the product. All of the components are visible so that potential customers know exactly what they’re buying, which creates a feeling of transparency and pride in the product.

 Make Fun Packaging

If you’re able to have fun with your packaging design, go for it! This particular packaging design is both playful and straightforward. The illustration works together with the product while still allowing the product to be the star. The colors used relate to the berries, and the character eating the berries communicates their high quality.

Be daring and Bold

Be Daring and Bold

As a product manager, one of your key jobs is to find ways to make your product stand out from the rest. And what better way to do that then by thinking outside the box when it comes to packaging. Try thinking of unique and interesting ways to package your product that will capture customer attention and create a memorable experience. Think things like unusual packaging shapes, test tubes for teas, or other fun touches that will make your product stand out from the rest.

Add color gradients

We’ve seen a lot of Y2K nostalgia in the last couple years, and this trend is no exception. But instead of holographic colors like pink, blue, and purple, think of softer colors that have a fluid look and feel. These eye-catching blended colors will give your project a unique twist.

Use Sandwich Printing

If you are looking for ways to optimize your product’s packaging, printing on the back of your labels is a great option. This is especially true if you are selling a clear liquid in a clear bottle, as it can give you more packaging space for very little extra cost. While you can’t put regulatory information on the back of your labels, you can run contests, tell a story about your company, or give ideas about how best to use your product. This is a simple way to give your customers more information without detracting from the presentation of your package.

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