11 Custom shoe box designs that inspire your branding

The best unboxing experience may be had with Shoe Box, which is more affordable and environmentally friendly. You may proudly display your products to their fullest extent with a lid that hinges. Add your brand’s logo or a unique design to give your Shoe Box a creative edge as a personalized gift box, subscription box, or PR package!

The act of purchasing a brand-new pair of shoes is extraordinary. It never gets old to experience the joy of trying them on for the first time or smelling the fresh shoe scent.

We tend to focus on the shoe itself when shopping, including its price and quality, but more significantly, how it makes us feel. All of these reasonable findings support our fundamental choice of whether to buy the shoes or not.

However, it goes beyond that.

Our shopping decisions are influenced in a subtle but significant way by shoe box design. A high-quality personalized shoe box enhances the goods, adding value to the shoe and improving the shopping experience as a whole.

In this post, we’ll show you some imaginative examples of bespoke shoe boxes in the hopes that they’ll motivate you to make your own.

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Packaging with a cutting-edge custom shoe box design offers so much more than protection. As a consumer’s first point of contact, it has the potential to greatly enhance value through innovative design.

The unboxing experience is made memorable by an inventive shoebox design, which resonates with the customer and provides a lasting memory.

Check out these inventive shoebox designs we’ve created:



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The heavyweights of the German footwear industry produce the Adidas 1 as a running shoe. The design of this shoebox is entirely futuristic because the shoe was the first of its kind to have a computer. It appears at first glance as though you are unwrapping a piece of sophisticated apparatus or equipment.

The imaginative die-cut design enhances the ground-breaking shoe concept. This innovative example of a unique shoebox design that improves the overall customer experience makes the consumer curious and begs them to see what is concealed behind.



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a box with sleeves made by the American design firm Hovers above Water. A lenticular animation was included onto the packaging’s outer sleeve to produce a high-end unboxing experience. Iridescent foil was used in the box’s construction to accentuate the designs, which is of the highest quality.

The importance of memorable packaging and unboxing for the user is demonstrated by THE PACK shoe box. An illustration of a high-end, personalized shoe box that adds a touch of elegance.

Shoebox for Vans

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This unique shoebox was made by designer Nate Eul as a tribute to the company’s beginnings in skate and surf.

Bright, contrasting colors on the box grab your attention right away. The designs depict the company’s skate/surf culture.

The box’s unconventional shape complements the brand’s unconventional nature. Because of the innovative design that enables the boxes to be stacked on top of one another, it is additionally more efficient, utilizing less material and wasting less space.

As customers unbox their brand-new pair of Vans sneakers, they will find this bespoke shoe box to be vibrant and visually appealing.

Fisherman Boots

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Igor Mitin, a designer, used the product in the design of his masterpiece. The end result is a special handcrafted package that instantly sets off the Fisherman brand from its rivals.
The product itself also emphasizes the functioning of the item, which is highlighted by the lifelike packaging. Unquestionably a powerful packaging marketing form that influences customers as they peruse the shop aisles.

Shoes by Jeffrey Campbella

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This shoebox’s inventive design, created by Katy Verbrugge, aims to capture the excitement of opening a gift. In Katy’s own words:

“I created it this way because unwrapping shoes should feel like opening a present,” the designer said.

A scratch-off portion on the lid’s interior reveals a humorous quotation regarding shoes. This interaction is precisely the kind of enhancement that gives the customer a memorable unpacking experience.


You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

One of the first sports shoe manufacturers was Saucony, which was founded in the late 19th century. The shoemaker organized a competition to develop a unique shoebox in an effort to come up with packaging that was truly unique.

Amazingly, there were many entries submitted, and three designs were chosen. Prints of the winning designs were placed on eco-white mailers. The box acted as a canvas, making it possible for the imaginative design to be the highlight of the packaging.

The simple idea is a great illustration of the marketing potential that custom packaging can give your company.

Sneaker Collector’s Custom Sneaker Boxes

The sneaker industry is really chaotic. Some people’s fixation with sneakers causes them to spend hundreds of dollars yearly on acquiring the newest pairs on the market.

With the help of industry titans like Adidas and Nike, numerous well-known athletes, artists, and actresses have launched their own shoe lines.

These sneakers come in packaging that is as as spectacular as the shoes themselves and gives the collection of shoes sentimental worth.

Consider some of the top bespoke shoe box illustrations:

Travis Scott’s Travis SB Dunks.

Travis Scott's Travis SB Dunks.

You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

2018 saw the debut of the American rapper’s first signature shoe. The sneaker features bandanas and patchwork all over the design to mimic the rapper’s personal flair.

The customized sneaker box is made using the same materials as the actual shoe. The packaging contributes to the overall value of the shoes by adding to their overall protection and value.

Sneakers Lebron 12

Sneakers Lebron 12

Since his debut season of professional basketball in 2003, Lebron James has been releasing sneakers. He has built up a large global fan base of sneakerheads who buy his new products as soon as they are made available.

In 2012, the Lebron 12 was introduced, and the sneaker box looked stunning. The lion and crown that are prominent in Lebron’s trademark were given special attention in the design of the personalized shoebox.

Boxes for sneakers by Jordan

Boxes for sneakers by Jordan

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The renowned Jordan Brand is a must-have for every list. Though he is known as the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan’s accomplishments off the court may be even more remarkable.

Collectors esteem his signature sneakers the highest, and his unique shoe boxes are as amazing.

It appears as though not much consideration has been put into the design at first sight. There is more to a simple black box with the Michael Jordan emblem and his famous number 23 than first appears.

Hot stamping is used to print the Jumpman emblem and the number 23 in gold, creating a dazzling, upscale appearance. Additionally embossed, which means elevated off the box’s surface and visible and tactile, are the logo and the number 23. These two methods of finishing are often used for high-end or premium goods and are a perfect fit for Jordan Brand.

Custom Shoe Boxes with Eco-Friendly Designs

The current level of environmental awareness is the highest it has ever been. Consumers are moving away from conventional, unsustainable packaging, especially millennials.

This change in behavior is especially noticeable in the fashion sector. Custom shoe box designs demonstrate the growing inventiveness in sustainable packaging.

Here are some samples of our custom eco-friendly shoe boxes:

Eco-friendly Adidas Shoe Box

an idea created by industrial product designer Sanket Patel in response to the staleness of shoebox designs. He created a totally collapseable shoe box out of recycled materials. Additionally, the outstanding design minimizes material consumption and reduces unused space.

When making purchases, millennials give the environment a lot of consideration. An outstanding illustration of how packaging affects consumer behavior is a personalized shoebox made with the environment in mind.

Plae Packables collection

An eco-friendly online retailer called Plae focuses on shoes. The environmentally conscious company creates its footwear using a range of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and compostable materials.

Men’s and women’s entirely flexible footwear that can be carried in a handbag or backpack was created by Plae.

They chose to go beyond the box by doing away with the box because a sustainable brand like this one needs eco-friendly packaging to go with the product!

The sneakers are delivered in an airtight bag that highlights their flexible nature while guaranteeing their safe arrival. The bag can be used repeatedly because it is also reusable.

More firms will be implementing packaging like Plae’s innovative bag as pressure for more environmental consciousness grows.

Four Options for Your BrandPersonalized Shoe Boxes

Here are four ideas to consider if you want to customize your shoe boxes and provide your customers a special unwrapping experience.


You can choose the appropriate size for your boxes regardless of whether you are selling flats or large basketball sneakers. Set your bespoke shoe boxes’ dimensions in accordance with the following ranges:

Size: 3″ x 25″
2″ x 25″ in width
Height: 1″ x 15″

For reference, regardless of whether it is for men or women, the length of a typical shoe box is between 13″ and 14″. Men’s shoe boxes measure 10″ wide and 5″ tall, whilst women’s shoe boxes measure 7.5″ wide and 4″ tall.

Typically, toddlers’ shoe boxes are 7″ x 5″ x 2″ in size.


When creating your shoe boxes, we only utilize the highest-quality corrugated cardboard. Heavy and bulky shoes work well in corrugated cardboard boxes. Standard white corrugated cardboard, premium white corrugated cardboard, premium white corrugated cardboard with glossy ink, and Kraft (brown) corrugated cardboard are the available choices.

Sides printed

Selecting the printed sides of your shoe boxes is another option to make them unique. You can choose the standard option, in which only the box’s exterior panels are printed. Print both the inside and outside of the box as an alternative strategy to make your box stand out. Create a unified design that flows from the box’s exterior to its interior, or you might include a note or promotional code there. These are just a few examples of how you may use customized packaging to market your goods and strengthen your brand.


Buying shoes is already known by your clients, so take use of it. They conducted their research and most likely made one, two, or a hundred trips to your store (if you have one) to view or try on the shoes. That should be considered when creating your shoe boxes. The graphic components of your box design, whether it be the color scheme or the artwork, should be consistent with your branding to increase brand loyalty and promote repeat business.

In Conclusion

These examples of personalized shoe boxes should have helped you grasp the importance of packaging. Custom shoeboxes maximize the potential of the shoes they contain, whether that be through an inventive, collectible, or environmentally responsible design. You can design your ideal packaging here online: Pacdora

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