10 Packaging Designs for Christmas Marketing in 2022

Christmas packaging design is a great method to give your items a little additional value during the holidays and to give the receiver of the present the impression that they are holding something particularly unique.

However, there is more to do over the holidays.

There is a ton of marketing to do, and there are some deadlines that must be met.

And you are the best person to know that the majority of e-commerce firms are most competitive around Christmas. It pays to get ready for Christmas in July, prepare your packing early, and really play it smart since customers are swarming into stores and online traffic is over the sky.

One of these components that you may prepare well in advance for is packaging.

The following list of suggestions on how to approach Christmas packaging design was put together by us, our skilled design team, and our clients:

Ideas for holiday packaging: color combinations

Use A Different Festive Combination Of Black & Gold

Use A Different Festive Combination Of Black & Gold

Although who doesn’t adore those tacky reindeers and santas, Christmas is no longer a time for garish decorations. For company owners, the holiday season has become a competition as retail and e-commerce firms compete to create the greatest possible holiday packaging.

Black and gold are a striking color combination that may help you stand out.

In contrast to gold, which is connected with wealth and lends an air of attractiveness, black conjures up images of elegance and simplicity.

When those two colors are used in the design, even the simplest designs will seem more elegant.

Use the Christmas colors of red and green

Use the Christmas colors of red and green

The colors green and red are used to represent Christmas trees, lighting, and decorations. And guess what? They are also ideal for packaging designs for the holiday season.

These two colors make a strong statement about this season when used in a box with a Christmas theme.

There’s nothing wrong with simply adding a flash of holiday color to your packaging if you’re not trying to make a significant change to your branding this season. Check out the classy two-piece package below.

Take a cue from the “Scandinavian Sweater” Look

There is a time when Instagram is overrun with pictures of individuals posing in front of warm fireplaces while donning Christmas-themed outfits. Even though you may think it’s all corny, here’s a hint.

Be open-minded when searching for design ideas. Aside from the endearing “ugly sweaters,” Christmas sweaters are bursting with amazing designs.

Use such traditional motifs as inspiration. Folk patterns from Scandinavian nations have a rich history and may be reproduced effectively on your packaging.

The choices are endless: snowflakes, pine trees, decorations, reindeer, even Santa Claus himself.



A little bit of brand awareness goes a long way. Additionally, embossing and debossing are excellent methods to capitalize on your brand’s visual icons.

A great option for more expensive businesses is embossing.

It is a print method that gives a box’s surface a 3D appearance. You will appeal to the sense of touch by including something so new on the surface of your package. When you combine hot stamping with an embossed surface, you get a glowing effect that looks great next to the Christmas tree!

Print a hashtag with a holiday theme

Printing a festive hashtag on the box can entice your clients to visit your website.

This is a technique to use packaging to your advantage in your marketing plan. Bring your clients together, and allow them to enjoy the package you created! Numerous companies have employed it, including Starbucks.

Additionally, a hashtag can be produced as a sticker.

Holiday stickers are widely available, or you may utilize a service like Stickershop, which lets you create and print your own personalized stickers.

Use paper shred and wood wool

Use paper shred and wood wool

The interior of your holiday package would benefit greatly from the use of wood wool as a void filler.

The main benefit is that it adds to the box’s protection. You have the option of using the natural color or a festive color like red, green, or gold. Your buyer will receive a nicely displayed goods as a result, perfect for Instagram sharing.

Inside, create personal inserts and partitions.

Do you prefer neat and organized belongings?

Many of your clients do as well.

They will value a box with unique inside dividers for this reason. These inexpensive cardboard inserts improve amortization and boost package security. The items within will thus be delivered unharmed and in good condition.

In addition to personalized inserts, there are other options. Consider using an alternative style of packaging if your product is too little, such as one candle jar. Excellent options are rigid boxes with lids or drawer boxes with sliding bottoms.

Use a humorous text

Christmas is all about having a joyful and upbeat attitude.

Packaging also has the ability to make your consumer happy. How do you manage that?

Use a humorous text to amuse your consumers. Put a handwritten remark inside the box or write it in cursive.

Stickers to Beautify the Box

Stickers to Beautify the Box

Stickers are discrete objects that may be positioned anywhere. They can incorporate a “Merry Christmas” remark or a small seasonal symbol into your festive design.

To make your brand stand out, you may also print it on a sticker. It increases your “giftability” and gives your consumer a pleasant little extra.

Jingle bells and other holiday decorations can be added

Jingle bells and other holiday decorations can be added

Do you have a store where you sell your goods? Then add an extra element to your design.

Put a little jingle bell on top of the box, like a cat bell, for instance. The present will spread the Christmas cheer everywhere it goes even before it reaches the tree!

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